I have finally started working on my learning project. My room mate helped me out for my first lesson on how to get started. It took me a while to get the hang of it because its harder than she made it look. But, I got a good start on it, and I am excited to see the end product. I am hoping it will end up looking like a scarf, and hopefully it will be ready for when winter comes.


Tech Task #3

     I just found the five new blog sites that I am going to follow. I found most of them by going to the Selly Terrell’s website she suggested to look at. ( ) This website has different educators all with the same idea of teaching students. That is why I choice a few of them because I really liked Shelly’s presentation, and these educators will all of the same ideas as she did. Also, the ten new people I am following on twitter are similar to the blogs I am following. All the people are teachers, and they are all people who are trying to teach in new ways involving technology and media. I don’t know much about any of them yet, but hopefully I will be able to learn something from each of them that will help me in the future.

Learning Project

    Like I said before I am doing this blog for a university class, and with this class I also have to do a learning project. A learning project is something that you are interested in but don’t know how or much about it, so you try to teach yourself. You can teach yourself through people you know or by using the internet at hand. I have decided to do my learning project on crochet. It is like knitting, but with one hook. I decided on doing this because one of my room mates does this while she is watching t.v., and it always looks so interesting. I also think or at least hope that it will be something easy I can do in my spare time. Being a first year student can be very stressful, and I am hoping that learning crochet will be a calm and relaxing learning project where i don’t get to frustrated. I plan on teaching myself by finding a youtube video on how to crochet, and I also plan on asking questions to my room mate. When I am all done my learning project, I hope to have created a some what decent looking blanket. At least that is the plan for now, who knows what i will think of next.

A First For Everything

     Just got my blog all set up, and figuring out all the ins and outs of this website. I am doing this blog for my university class. It is about learning new ways of teaching students through technology. Getting students to become comfortable with using everything that is at hand for us to use. I personally don’t know much about technology and computers, but I am excited to learn. You don’t usually have a teacher strictly there to show you how to use all the computers and how to incorporate them in lessons. When I was in high school, we only used computers for research assinments. They can do so much more, and it will be interseting to find out how much I don’t know. I thought I was on top by bringing my own lab top to school. Well little did this small town girl know every one has their own lab top, and lots have their own i-pad, and their own t.v, and their own printers.  It is crazy how much people rely on all this technology, and I am just really starting to notice living in a city for the first time that people would be lost without all the technology.