My name is Nicole Dawn Wallin; I am currently a first year education student majoring in math, and minoring in social studies at the Universtiy of Regina. Coming to Regina is a huge change when you come from a small town in Saskatchewan. I grew up in a town where everyone knew everyone along with their latest gossip. Now I don’t even know my next door neighbor. However, if I were at home there are many activities I would be involved in. One that I love to play is volleyball. I played volleyball almost all year round. I started with school teams, and then ended the year with club teams. I also play softball because my family is really sports orientated.  If I wasn’t to busy playing some kind of sport I would be at the local grocery store working as a cashier. The grocery store in town also happens to belong to my family, and is called Wallin’s Bigway Foods. We also own the dollar store in town called The Buck’n up. Being a family member I know how to work in both places whenever and wherever they needed me. This is pretty much my life in a nut shell.

     I use technology all the time; whether, I am on my Lab top, using my i-pod, or texting on my cell phone. I don’t really understand how to do a lot of stuff with the technology that I have, but I know enough to get by. When it comes to more advanced computer work I usually get someone else to do it for me; I just don’t want to wreck anything. So, you could say technology and me don’t get along that well. I pretty much just use my stuff in the simplest ways possible.

However, technology is becoming more and more advanced, and is being used everywhere. I do believe it is important to teach students from k-12 to learn how to use all the technology and to feel comfortable using it. Teachers always say they are teaching to  prepare you for the real world. Well the real world is full of advancing technology, so the teachers should be advancing their teaching styles as well. Nothing stays put anymore; everything is changing, and teaching styles should have no exception.

     I hope to get a good grasp on how I can beome comfotable using all the different kinds of technology, and learn ways of teaching it to others. I plan on becoming a teacher in the future, so if I don’t feel comfortable using it, how can I teach others to be?


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