My name is Nicole Wallin and I was born on October 30, 1993. I live and grew up in the small town of Langenburg Saskatchewan. I shouldn’t really say small town because we were the biggest town of our area. My parents own the grocery store and the dollar store in town, and there is always good business because Langenburg is continuing to grow and develop. My little town is near the mines so we always have tons of miners coming and living in our town. You see lots of small towns that just can’t get enough funding to keep it running, but Langenburg is not like that. We are an exception to the small town curse. We have lots to offer to surrounding towns, as well, we have an awesome school, a health center, a movie theatre, ball parks, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, and a couple of restaurants. But this is supposed to be about me. I loved growing up in a small town. Everyone knows everyone, everything is in walking distance, and you never have to worry about strangers. This is just a bit of where I grow up, and what helped me become who I am today.

     I love playing sports. My favorite sports would be soft ball and volleyball. I got really into playing club volleyball, which is volleyball that is not associated with school; I even had a couple of colleges from the states have interest in me, but I didn’t want to play volleyball in University because I thought it would take up to much time. I do really miss playing the sport. Every time I go and watch my sister play it makes me sad to know that I’m not playing anymore. But there are always fun rec teams to play on.

     Now I live in resident at the University of Regina. I am studying in Education to become a secondary math teacher with a minor in social studies. I am really enjoying it so far, but I do get home sick easily. Obviously this is not everything about me, but it does show where I’m from and how I grew up.

     You can contact me at:

Twitter @wallin_nicole



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