In our previous ECMP 355 class we had the guest speaker Sylvia Martinez. She talked to us about how us being teachers should incorprate educational games into our lessons. Not all games will work in your lesson, you will have to find what will work for you and for your class. She also said not only having educational games, but have student do the programing of the game. This way they are learning first hand how something works and why. Everyone learns at their own pace so finding a good educational game for the classroom would be very beneficial.

OurTech Task #8 is to find an educational game online, play it, and then review it. I choose a game that I remember playing when I was in school. It is a game aimed towards elementary kids, and it is all about math. The website is:   I remember that in school if you finished your assinment or homework that you could go on the computer and play this game till the end of class. We never took any valuable class time to just play the game, we were only allowed to play it in our spare time.

Fun Brain consists of a board game and the only way you can move on and get to the finish is to play little math games. If you complete the game corectly you can move on, and if you don’t you have to keep trying other wise you are stuck in that one spot. The game has differnt skill levels depending on what grade you are in. The higher the grade level you are in the harder the math questions you get. The highest level is a grade eight. So, I went in and played as a grade eight. The different questions it asks touches on every thing. They have your simple adding and subtracting, but they have decimal, fractions, multiplication, and long division question. You also have the odd game about physic type math problems. this website of math games touches on all sort of different question, yet still always the player to have fun while playing.

When I become a teacher, I probably won’t spend entire classes playing this game.  It would be to easy for students who don’t want to play the game to make a mockary of it. I could however see myself doing exactly what my teachers did. Students who finish their homework can play if they want to at the end of class. If the students actually take the game seriously it would help them with little practice questions if they were having trouble.

After Sylivia Martinez’s presentation, I am definetely going to try to find good productive educational games to incorporate into my classes. It just seems like a fun way for the students to really get involved on what they are learning.


About nicolewallin

I am a first year universtiy student. I am in the faculty of education where my major is math and my miinor is social.

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