I have been putting a lot of hours into my learning project lately, and I have come to the conclusion that I am almost finished my scarf. I can already wrap the scarf around my neck two times, so I’m not too sure how much longer I’m going to make it. I don’t want the scarf to be to long that it is hanging at my feet, but I want to make sure it is long enough to keep me warm. It’s been easy yet hard at the same time. It was really hard to catch on to how to crochet, but once I got the hang of it, it became alot easier. I’m not saying that I am some pro- crocheter – because I am far from it. If you take a look at my scarf you can tell that it is a bit lopsided and uneven on the sides. This is to be expected on your first attempt at crocheting, so I guess I am doing an average job.

Since I am almost finished my scarf I thought for my next crocheting project could be a pair of slipper/ socks. This task will definetely be a lot harder than my scarf. For starters my room mate doesn’t know how to make them, so I will be totally on my own on learning how to make them, and slippers are oviously 3 dimensional which will be a bit more complicated. I think that if I am actually able to accomplish this task I am going to be pretty proud of myself; plus I will have a brand new pair of slipper/socks. But I am sort of getting a head of my self right now, I am just going to finish my scarf first and see where I head from there.


About nicolewallin

I am a first year universtiy student. I am in the faculty of education where my major is math and my miinor is social.

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  1. dwachal says:

    This will be a cool practical skill. One of the best gifts I got for my wedding was a handmade crocheted blanket from an aunty. We use it all the time and are so appreciative of the hours and love put into it. Imagine all the possabilities with your new skill!!!

  2. Are you keeping the scarf for yourself or did you have someone in mind when you were making it?

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