I have been really busy lately working on homework, and studying for midterms can get very stressful. Since I have been so busy lately I have been neglecting my ECMP 355 responsibilities. Its About time that I make this post for my TECH TASK #4. I was suppose to creat two stories using two different story telling tools. I am using the same story and using it twice. My story is a cute little childish spooky halloween story. I thought it would be suitable considering what month we are in. The first story telling tool I used was Blabberize, and it was really weird to hear what my voice sounded like when recorded. The second tool I used was Prezi.





About nicolewallin

I am a first year universtiy student. I am in the faculty of education where my major is math and my miinor is social.

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  1. dwachal says:

    Thanks for sharing Nicole! I love Halloween too! can’t wait to carve some pumpkins.

  2. kdwallen says:

    I really enjoyed your Halloween stories Nicole! They would be great for younger kids too! Good work 🙂

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