This is a picture of the progress I have made with my learning project of crocheting. Like I said before I plan on making a scarf, so I hope that you can tell that what I have created so far resembles a scarf. It been really hard learning how to do all the stiching, but I did get the hang of it eventually. My scarf doesn’t look perfect right now its a little rough around the edges, but I hope that as a continue working and learning that I will be able to make it look a bit more smooth and even. As for right now though I am pretty happy with what I have created.


About nicolewallin

I am a first year universtiy student. I am in the faculty of education where my major is math and my miinor is social.

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  1. dshareski says:

    WHat’s been most challenging so far?

    • nicolewallin says:

      probably just getting the technique down. I have my way that i have been crocheting but it is not completly right. the proper way of holding the hook feels awkward for me. But im sure that i will learn how to deal with it.

  2. HI Nicole,
    I too just took up crocheting a few weeks ago. I have knitted for years, so maybe that has made it easier, but I’m not sure – they’re quite different. I bought a book that teaches how to crochet. It has lots of good close-up pictures. I’ve just keep trying new stitches and tearing them out if they don’t seem right, trying again, ripping it back, and so on. I finally, after several tries, managed to make a paper of fingerless gloves. Then I made several more pairs using the same pattern. Each pair seemed to get a little better. This past weekend I made a hat, found a free pattern on the internet. A scarf is a good idea for a starter project. It looks good so far. If you want to learn new stitches, I would try looking for online tutorials. I’ve used them with new knitting stitches before. They can be a little easier to follow then diagrams in a book.
    Good luck with it! Don’t give up!

    • nicolewallin says:

      Thanks. Your gloves and hats seem so advanced to my scarf, but when i am done my scarf I did want to make some slipper socks. I found this book on how to make different slippers, and they all were really nice looking, so might try that next, but we will see how my scarf looks when it is done.

  3. c says:

    Hi Nicole,
    I’m a “veteran” high school English teacher of many years, working .5 (due to budget cuts..grrr) in small town Alberta, and at the ripe old age of 51, I decided to take up knitting. Oh. My. Goodness! My mom is an accomplished knitter, and has been for years, while I am the polar opposite. I completely understand the ‘awkwardness’ in figuring out the tools of the trade, the frustration of stitches varying from one to the other (trust me: the whole concept of knit-purl eluded me for quite a long time!), and the sometimes desire to toss it all aside and take up marathon running. Then, I pause for a moment – usually to unravel whatever I’ve deemed a mess, (such ap plethora of unraveling there’s been!) I’ve convinced myself that each time I take apart my ‘creation’ I’m demonstrating the fine trait of perseverance – and realize that I am improving (slowly), and I can do this (accomplishment), and I’m learning (not only a ‘craft’ that does matter, because what we make has purpose, but almost a new ‘language’ as well).
    Paula has offered you excellent advice: online tutorials have saved me more than once (Knitting Tips by Judy, for sure); knitting books are ideal ‘textbooks’; websites reveal that an entire ‘culture’ of people who knit/crochet exists. Check out – amazing! If you have access to knitting classes, do take a couple. I discovered a wonderful knitting shop in Edmonton (my home city, even though I live four hours away) that offers a wide variety of classes, so whenever we travel north, I make sure I scope out that weekend’s offerings and sign up. This weekend, for instance, I’ll be learning about making i-cord – and the fact that there’s homework’ – we need to come prepared with two blocks, in two different patterns, to ‘decorate’- makes me feel almost like a student. Rather cool, actually.
    You have a unique opportunity in this class to ‘expand your horizons’ in a novel, creative way; a way that does reveal your growth as a learner in a concrete fashion. Your scarf looks great. Keep on with your projects. Remember: not everyone learns in the same way, at the same pace, at the same time! I’m still such a novice, but I’m not giving up. I’ve established a couple of goals – to knit a little set of critters for my niece –following patterns in my lastest ‘how-to-knit’ book, and that makes all the raveling and unraveling leading up to this project purposeful! Enjoy your progress, Nicole!

    • nicolewallin says:

      Thanks for some the great advice. I did find a couple of books, and websites that helped me out. However it did really help that my one room mate already crochets so she helped me get started, and helped me understand the crocheting lingo. I am having fun with the project. It is kind of relaxing to crochet while watching tv. I hope that once i am done my scarf that I will be able to advance to something a little more complex, something that will challenge me even more. Everything is going good so far, so hopefully it will only improve.

  4. Crocheting is extremely difficult! I have tried it several times and have given up on it. I tried to start with a scarf and ended up with one really long line I never figured out how to turn it. Your scarf looks great! Good luck!

    • nicolewallin says:

      Thanks a lot for the comment! It has been very difficult, but it has really helped that my one room mate crochets. So anytime I get stuck she will help me out. I have been having a lot of fun with it is so far, so hopefully I will continue crocheting once my class is done.

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