Just got my blog all set up, and figuring out all the ins and outs of this website. I am doing this blog for my university class. It is about learning new ways of teaching students through technology. Getting students to become comfortable with using everything that is at hand for us to use. I personally don’t know much about technology and computers, but I am excited to learn. You don’t usually have a teacher strictly there to show you how to use all the computers and how to incorporate them in lessons. When I was in high school, we only used computers for research assinments. They can do so much more, and it will be interseting to find out how much I don’t know. I thought I was on top by bringing my own lab top to school. Well little did this small town girl know every one has their own lab top, and lots have their own i-pad, and their own t.v, and their own printers.  It is crazy how much people rely on all this technology, and I am just really starting to notice living in a city for the first time that people would be lost without all the technology.


About nicolewallin

I am a first year universtiy student. I am in the faculty of education where my major is math and my miinor is social.

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