I can’t believe that we only have one more week of class left. This first semester went by so fast. The only down side of having classes end is that now we have to worry about finals. I have to write three finals, so that want be as bad as some of my friends who have to write five. I can’t wait till I have finished writing my last final and I can go home. I am finished on the 16th, so I get to go home early then most, which is really exciting. It it will be nice to be at home for a good two and half weeks where I don’t have to worry about anything. I won’t have any homework, tests, or essays to worry about. I will be able to just relax and hang out with friends. I do however plan to work as much as I can while I am home since being a universtiy student has some what drained my bank account. I hope these next couple of weeks go by fast, and not drag on to much. And hopeful I do well on my finals, so that I don’t stress to much on my final marks.

Good luck to everyone else on their finals!



     I have finally finished my scarf!

     I have some yarn left over, so I was thinking I might make a little tea towel or something. I haven’t decided on exactly what I am going to do with the left over yarn, but I am going to continue and create something else. I have really enjoyed teaching myself how to crochet and I can tell that I was improving just by looking at my scarf from where I started to where I finished. I don’t have the technique down perfectly yet, but how can one really become perfect at something. I am going to hopefully keep at it, and in the future maybe I will get into a harder pattern of crocheting and really push myself to learn more about crocheting.

So Close!!!

     I know last time I posted about my learning Project I was almost done, but I haven’t had much time to work on it lately. However, I am almost completly done it. I just have to figure out if their is some special way of ending my crocheting. So, I am going to have to do a bit of research and asking around to figure this out before I can actually say that I am finished my scarf. When I find out I will post pictures of my finished project, but for right now it is going to stay a mystery as to how long I have actually made it.

     If anyone knows the answer to how to finish off my scarf comments and replies would be greatly appreciated.

Smart Boards

     Since grade 1o I can always rember having a smart board in our math classroom. Our teacher would always write out notes and do examples on the smart board then he would print all of the note off for us. However I never relized how much the smart board can actually do. Our teacher only ever used it in the simplest way, but it can do so much more. There are so many different tools that you can use. In our last ECMP 355 class we got to learn about the smart board and it was so much fun. It was fun just to play around with all of the different tools it has. Smart boards would be beneficial in all the classrooms, and you can even download premade Smart notebook lessons. ( SmartExchange.) You can do so many things with the smart board and it is just a fun way to get students to learn and interact with each other.

There are so many different types of lesson plans already made,  but these are just a couple that I chose.

1. Whack-A-Mole this lesson plan would be suitable for all grades. It combines math with the classic game of Whack A Mole. The lesson can be edited by the teacher for what ever their need of the game is for. Basically how you use this lesson is there are moles on the screen and when you hit one,  a question appears that the teacher would have created. Its just a fun way to practice question, and for the students to interact end help each other.

2. Jeopardy This lesson plan is the game jeopardy it would be helpful more towards the older grades, and you can use it for more then just math classes. You can split your class into two teams and have a friendly competion while still learning and practicing math problems. Again this lesson also is a good way for students to get involved and interact with one another.


     For my TECH TASK #9 I was to add a widget onto my blog that allows me to share info to others. I chose twitter because I already have a twitter account. If you scroll down to the very bottom of my blog you will see all the tweets that I have made. I haven’t made very many, but I am going to try to use twitter more often. I used to think twitter was a waste of time and it was used to stalk or keeps tabs on your favorite celebrates, but I have realized being in ECMP 355 that is for so much more. Yes you can still keep tabs on your favorite celebrates, but it is also a way you can be connected with other peolpe like yourself. You can help them out when they have a question, and vice versa; if you have a question or are having trouble with something you have so many people willing to help you if you give them the chance. My goal is to try to tweet something at least twice a week, and then maybe once I get into it that number might increase. I am going to try my best to get more involved with the twitter world. www.twitter.com @wallin_nicole

Gaming in Education

In our previous ECMP 355 class we had the guest speaker Sylvia Martinez. She talked to us about how us being teachers should incorprate educational games into our lessons. Not all games will work in your lesson, you will have to find what will work for you and for your class. She also said not only having educational games, but have student do the programing of the game. This way they are learning first hand how something works and why. Everyone learns at their own pace so finding a good educational game for the classroom would be very beneficial.

OurTech Task #8 is to find an educational game online, play it, and then review it. I choose a game that I remember playing when I was in school. It is a game aimed towards elementary kids, and it is all about math. The website is: http://www.funbrain.com/   I remember that in school if you finished your assinment or homework that you could go on the computer and play this game till the end of class. We never took any valuable class time to just play the game, we were only allowed to play it in our spare time.

Fun Brain consists of a board game and the only way you can move on and get to the finish is to play little math games. If you complete the game corectly you can move on, and if you don’t you have to keep trying other wise you are stuck in that one spot. The game has differnt skill levels depending on what grade you are in. The higher the grade level you are in the harder the math questions you get. The highest level is a grade eight. So, I went in and played as a grade eight. The different questions it asks touches on every thing. They have your simple adding and subtracting, but they have decimal, fractions, multiplication, and long division question. You also have the odd game about physic type math problems. this website of math games touches on all sort of different question, yet still always the player to have fun while playing.

When I become a teacher, I probably won’t spend entire classes playing this game.  It would be to easy for students who don’t want to play the game to make a mockary of it. I could however see myself doing exactly what my teachers did. Students who finish their homework can play if they want to at the end of class. If the students actually take the game seriously it would help them with little practice questions if they were having trouble.

After Sylivia Martinez’s presentation, I am definetely going to try to find good productive educational games to incorporate into my classes. It just seems like a fun way for the students to really get involved on what they are learning.

Almost Done!!

I have been putting a lot of hours into my learning project lately, and I have come to the conclusion that I am almost finished my scarf. I can already wrap the scarf around my neck two times, so I’m not too sure how much longer I’m going to make it. I don’t want the scarf to be to long that it is hanging at my feet, but I want to make sure it is long enough to keep me warm. It’s been easy yet hard at the same time. It was really hard to catch on to how to crochet, but once I got the hang of it, it became alot easier. I’m not saying that I am some pro- crocheter – because I am far from it. If you take a look at my scarf you can tell that it is a bit lopsided and uneven on the sides. This is to be expected on your first attempt at crocheting, so I guess I am doing an average job.

Since I am almost finished my scarf I thought for my next crocheting project could be a pair of slipper/ socks. This task will definetely be a lot harder than my scarf. For starters my room mate doesn’t know how to make them, so I will be totally on my own on learning how to make them, and slippers are oviously 3 dimensional which will be a bit more complicated. I think that if I am actually able to accomplish this task I am going to be pretty proud of myself; plus I will have a brand new pair of slipper/socks. But I am sort of getting a head of my self right now, I am just going to finish my scarf first and see where I head from there.

Global Education

In our recent ECMP 355 class we had a guest speaker.  Silvia Tolisano spoke to us about global education. She explained why it is important that we connect ourselves and our class rooms to other countries. Many People will ask the question: Why do we need to connect with others? Her answer was simple; because we learn from them. What I personally found really interesting is how there is a program set up so that different schools around the world can skype with one another and learn from each other. If you were learning about europe or Russia, it would be a lot more fun and facinating learning it from a European or Russian person. She had mentioned how it gives learning a WOW factor, and she is totally right. If I had the chance to do something like this when I was in high school it would have made the the facts a lot more fun, and I would propably learn more that way; becasue I would be taking in everything that person said. It was so interesting to hear how this sort of thing is happening around the world and it is an actual program that you and your school can sign up for.

I am a math major so it would be hard to incorporate something like this with a math lesson. However I am a social minor, and if I ever get to teach a social or history class, something like this would be very beneficial. When I become a teacher I am definetly going to look into all of the tools and programs that the are at hand for me to use. If they are all there, there is no reason for me not to use them. It will only improve my teaching, and my students learning ability.

I would like to thank Silvia Tolisano for what she has taught me and the class. I will not forget about her and her ideas once I am graduated and teaching on my own.

About time!!

     I have been really busy lately working on homework, and studying for midterms can get very stressful. Since I have been so busy lately I have been neglecting my ECMP 355 responsibilities. Its About time that I make this post for my TECH TASK #4. I was suppose to creat two stories using two different story telling tools. I am using the same story and using it twice. My story is a cute little childish spooky halloween story. I thought it would be suitable considering what month we are in. The first story telling tool I used was Blabberize, and it was really weird to hear what my voice sounded like when recorded. The second tool I used was Prezi.





     This is a picture of the progress I have made with my learning project of crocheting. Like I said before I plan on making a scarf, so I hope that you can tell that what I have created so far resembles a scarf. It been really hard learning how to do all the stiching, but I did get the hang of it eventually. My scarf doesn’t look perfect right now its a little rough around the edges, but I hope that as a continue working and learning that I will be able to make it look a bit more smooth and even. As for right now though I am pretty happy with what I have created.